As an aspiring novelist I write romance, fantasy, paranormals, and historical fiction.  I've written historical articles for magazines like World War II Magazine, and I'm a member of the Georgian Society of Jamaica.  I love history almost as much as I love writing.

I started this blog to share all the fascinating details I learn on my writing journey.  So far, my research has taken me to Medieval France, Jazz Age New York, and the 18th century Golden Age of Piracy, but I'll focus on other eras too.  History is scandalous, tragic, and mysterious.  I hope this becomes a place for readers to gossip about, and celebrate the past.

Fun historical fact:  I have an Ellis Island ancestor.  My great-great grandmother came to America from Jamaica through Ellis Island in 1910.

If you have any comments, or questions you can contact me at sabaigbe [at] hotmail [dot] com.